FP: The US failed to mobilize the world against Russia because of Ukraine

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MOSCOW, April 3 — RIA Novosti. The United States failed to mobilize the world community against Russia during a special military operation in Ukraine, writes journalist Colum Lynch in Foreign Policy.

“Aside from the United States’ closest friends and military allies in West and East Asia, most of the world is not interested in joining the US-led campaign to isolate Russia. <…> Many countries have historical ties to Moscow that they are not prepared to give up and fear that Russia’s economic blockade will do them great harm, causing food and fuel prices to rise and sowing the seeds of hunger and instability within their own borders, Lynch said.

The journalist pointed out that many countries are dissatisfied with the American policy of military intervention in the Middle East. As a result, key countries in Asia and Africa are trying to maintain good relations with both the US and Russia, and no African country has imposed sanctions on Moscow.

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