Greeks are complaining about rising prices due to anti-Russian sanctions

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HERAKLION (Greece), April 21 — RIA Novosti. Unprecedented large-scale anti-Russian sanctions and rising energy prices are having an extremely negative impact on Greece and forcing people to change their lifestyle, residents of the country told RIA Novosti.

On April 8, the European Union announced the introduction of the fifth package of anti-Russian sanctions in connection with the military operation Ukraine. Contains a ban on the import of coal and other solid fossil fuels, despite the fact that the share of imports from Russia in EU in 2021 they were: gas — approx. 45%, oil — 27%, coal — 46%. This move has led to soaring energy prices throughout Europe.

“The situation will soon become intolerable to many consumers, especially those with low incomes. Many people may have to cut basic expenses to balance their monthly family budget, ”said Manolis Mpernidakis, a 44-year-old economist, to RIA Novosti.

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