In Moldova, they allowed the ban on broadcasting channels to be extended after the introduction of a state of emergency

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CHISINAV, December 21 — RIA Novosti. The broadcasting of six opposition channels in Moldova may be banned even after the end of the state of emergency in the country, said Justice Minister Sergei Litvinenko.

On December 16, the Moldovan authorities suspended the licenses of the opposition and leading Russian-language TV channels Primul in Moldova, RTR Moldova, Accent TV, NTV Moldova, TV6, Orhei TV, which allegedly dishonestly report on events in the country and on Ukraineleads to the risk of misinformation. MFA RF he said it Moscow is considering a decision Chisinau as an act of political censorship. The Russian Foreign Ministry added that such actions are an affront to the principle of media pluralism and a gross violation of the right to freedom of access to information, and Moscow also classifies it as a «cynical violation of the rights of national minorities.»

“It is possible that, on the one hand, the state of emergency will be extended. On the other hand, it is obvious that it is necessary to find internal mechanisms for making certain decisions regarding these TV channels,” Litvinenko told Jurnal TV, pointing out that the license to broadcast these channels may be suspended even after the end of the state of emergency.

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