Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Russia has not yet decided whether to pay a membership fee to the Council of Europe

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MOSCOW, April 1 — RIA Novosti. When deciding to pay a contribution to the Council of Europe, Russia will take into account the illegal takeover of its gold reserves and foreign currencies by Western countries, said Nikolai Kobrinec, director of the pan-European department of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. in conversation with RIA Novosti.

Moscow On March 15, officially notified by a notice of withdrawal from The Council of Europe and the European Convention on Human Rights, declaring that it will abide by the provisions of the ECtHR if they are in line with the Constitution Russia. Later that day RATE unanimously adopted a resolution in which he indicated to the statutory body of the Council — the Committee of Ministers — that Moscow cannot be a member of the Council. The next day, the Committee of Ministers decided that the Russian Federation would cease to be a member of the organization from March 16.


Russia will not raise the topic of returning to the Council of Europe, said Matvienko

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