Opposition rally in Chisinau

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CHISINAV, November 28 — RIA Novosti. Supporters and representatives of the opposition Shor party in Moldova have arrived at a new mass anti-government rally that is taking place in the center of Chisinau near the building of the General Prosecutor’s Office, a RIA Novosti correspondent reports.

Since 18 September, an indefinite protest action has been taking place in Chisinau against food price increases, energy tariffs and political persecution of the opposition. The demonstrators repeatedly tried to get to the main square of the city — the Grand National Assembly, but their actions were hindered by the police, who brutally pushed the activists away. In mid-October, special forces broke up a peaceful demonstration and smashed an opposition tent city. The authorities limited the opposition’s right to protest for the duration of the state of emergency, which was introduced in connection with the situation on Ukraine and the energy crisis, but the opposition did not stop the pickets.


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