Sberbank told about the links between the secret services of Ukraine and telephone frauds

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MOSCOW, April 18 — RIA Novosti. Fraudulent call centers are limiting their activities in their «capital» Dnieper (formerly Dnipropetrovsk), recruitment of «workers» is now taking place in Lviv, Zaporizhia, Odessa and Baku, the scale of which can be explained by the close ties between attackers from Ukraine’s secret services — said the vice president of the board in an interview with RIA Nowosti Sberbank Stanisław Kuznetsov.

He said last fall that the «capital» of telephone scams could be called Ukrainian Dnieper — at the end of 2020, there were even a thousand intruder call centers.

«Experts have long noticed that most fraudulent calls are made from the territory of Ukraine. Indeed, for several years the» capital «of this business was the city of the Dnieper. It is a huge industry, the scale of which can be explained by its close links not only with organized crime, but also with Ukraine’s secret services According to many experts, against the background of the development of the special operation, the patrons of this business decided to close it in the Dnieper and move it to the territory of other Ukrainian cities, says the vice president of the management board of Sberbank.

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