The American Conservative reveals how the United States has become like Ukraine

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MOSCOW, April 20 — RIA Novosti.As the Ukrainian crisis worsens, the United States has the opportunity to see similarities between the political regimes of Kiev and Washington, but this is hardly used, says a columnist for the magazine. American conservative Mika Meadowcroft.

In his opinion, the time has come for the Americans to realize not only the deceptive perspective from which the West views the Russian special operation, but also the manifestations themselves in USA and Ukraine public defects. The author of the article recalled the completely illiberal behavior of Zelensky in relation to the opposition and freedom of speech of the Ukrainian and foreign media, as well as the prejudices of the oligarch Igor Kolomoyskyiwhich, according to Meadowcroft, brought «Zelenskiy and his colleagues to the domestic scene» and supported extremist militant groups such as the Azov Battalion (against his fighters in Russia criminal proceedings were initiated).


The disagreements between the US and Saudi Arabia have peaked, the media reported

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