«The living will envy the dead»: The Czech Republic was afraid of an embargo on Russian gas

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MOSCOW, April 19 — RIA Novosti. In the event of an embargo on Russian gas, most Czechs will freeze to death next winter and the main part of Czech industry will cease to function by autumn, he said in an interview with the newspaper. Parliamentary list energy expert Ivan Noveski.

In his opinion, such a scenario will lead to the cessation of work of many enterprises, including factories producing cars and glass. In his opinion, this will result in record unemployment in the country. The refusal to supply natural gas from Russia also threatens to stop Czech transport and «the complete collapse of the entire state».

“When the supplies of Russian gas, on which we have been almost 100% dependent for 50 years, come to a halt, next winter most Czech citizens will freeze. After all, even before winter, especially until the industry stops working, ”suggested Noveski.

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