The Security Council of Belarus has threatened to react in the event of aggression by Western states

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MINSK, April 17 — RIA Novosti. The Secretary of State of the Security Council of Belarus, Alexander Volfovich, said that the republic’s army was preparing to respond to a possible provocation from neighboring western countries and stressed that in the event of aggression against Minsk, they would be destroyed and exploded. their territory.

“They adjust their infrastructure to what is unclear, they probably unleash and prepare aggression. I think that ordinary people, Poles, Lithuanians, see what is happening today Ukrainewhat destruction, what a tragedy, how ordinary people die on the territory of Ukraine. I hope he doesn’t want that, because it won’t turn out that they will unleash aggression against Belarus and hostilities will take place only in Belarus. No, there will also be destruction, death, explosions on their territory, «said the secretary of state on television «Belarus 1».


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