The State Duma allowed the unification of Crimea and southern Ukraine

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SIMFEROPOL, April 23 — RIA Novosti. Crimea and the regions of southern Ukraine liberated from Ukrainian nationalists in the future may unite into one new federal district, it is historically justified and in line with the spirit of the times, said the deputy of the Crimean State Duma Mikhail Sheremet.

Former Permanent Representative of Crimea to the President Russiadeputy prime minister of the region Georgy Muradov he said that the Kiev authorities have a panicky fear of integrating the liberated regions of the south Ukraine with Russia.

“The southern regions of Ukraine have historically belonged to Russia. These are originally Russian lands that have been developed and developed by Russia. Therefore, their return to Russia is a foregone conclusion. Crimea and the regions liberated from Ukrainian nationalists are today Kherson and part of it Zaporizhia region, in the future, it may be reunited into one new federal district. It is historically justified and in line with the spirit of the times. The Russian people, culturally and mentally close, live in the south of Ukraine, «said Sheremet RIA Novosti.

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