The US congratulates Macron on his re-election

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WASHINGTON, April 25 — RIA Novosti. The United States congratulates Emmanuel Macron on re-election as president of France and looks forward to further cooperation between the two countries, including in supporting Ukraine, said a representative of the State Department of RIA Novosti.

«We congratulate President Macron on his re-election. We count on continued close cooperation on common priorities and values ​​that hold our long and strong alliance together, including joint efforts to support the Ukrainian people in the confrontation with Russian aggression,» the agency source said.

In France Sunday was the second round of the presidential elections. According to the local Ministry of the Interior, according to the calculation results of 80%, Macron gains 54.81%, his rival, the leader of the far-right National Union Marine Le Pen — 45.19%.

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