The war memorials are to be restored in Melitopol by May 9

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MELITOPOL, April 11 — RIA Novosti. The Victory Arch and other monuments of the Great Patriotic War in Melitopol, which were destroyed by the Kiev authorities, are to be restored before May 9, Mayor Galina Danilchenko told RIA Novosti.

City Melitopol it is under the control of the Russian military.

“This year, we are especially excited to prepare for the 9 May celebrations. I think we will celebrate them on a large scale. Now we are doing whatever is necessary. We are repairing the monument in the fraternal cemetery, we have restored our eternal flame, which the Ukrainian authorities had turned off. Now we are renewing our Victory Arch, we always had the Order of Victory on it, and for the glory of the winners we had the ribbon of St. restore it all, ”said Danilchenko.

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