Two coastal helicopter pilots have been awarded the titles of Heroes of Russia

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LADYWOSTOK, April 5 — RIA Nowosti. The pilots of Chernihivskyi of the 319th Separate Helicopter Regiment in Primorye, Major Roman Kobets and Captain Ivan Boldyrev, received the titles of Heroes of Russia for their actions during the military operation in Ukraine, informed in his Telegram, the head of the region, Oleg Kozhemyako.

«The crew of the Ka-52 helicopter from the 319th Chernihiv Helicopter Regiment, Major Roman Kobets and Captain Ivan Boldyrev, showed true heroism and exemplary courage,» wrote Kozhemyako.

According to him, they have made 25 sorties since the beginning of the special military operation. During one of them, their helicopter was shot down by fire from the ground. Crew ejected using the ejection system — for the first time in world practice. Major Kobets and Captain Boldyrev fought on the ground until the evacuation team arrived.

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