Vučić explained why Serbia voted to withdraw Russia from the UNHRC

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BELGRADE, April 8 — RIA Novosti. Serbia voted to withdraw Russia from the UN Human Rights Council due to the threat of sanctions against it, primarily with regard to oil supplies to the country, President Aleksandar Vučić said.

Earlier, the UN General Assembly voted to suspend the participation of the Russian Federation in the UNHRC due to the events in Ukraine. The resolution was supported by Serbia. The decision deprived the Russian Federation of the right to vote and to speak in the Council. In answer Russia announced that she is ending her powers at the HRC.

«There are questions not only because of this vote. People are asking why we didn’t vote against or why we don’t abstain. But if we abstain, both will be against us, the pressure will be even greater. At the same time, the decision is made about Serbia’s fate — will we be today? the exception to the oil sanctions package, ”Vučić told Serbian Radio and Television.

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